Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's all too jolly!

I've done it again. Left you all. Betcha were thinking I'd gone off on a shopping spree eh?
I was on a residential course. I'm doing a Certificate in Applied Health Science at the University of Worcester - yes because I really hate to sit still. It's a yoga for pregnancy course alongside the NCT and it was a fantastic first weekend.

I did have a small stumble on the "buying" block - a gorgeous handmade shrug from this amazing artist on  Folksy...eugh! I know, I know. Not essential, not necessary, not needed.

However, I paid for it from my credit card that gets paid off at the beginning of February,'t count as a spend for January...does it? ?! *slinking off*

I've also been busy knitting and sewing stuff both for the Facebook Handmade Gifting  Pledge and also a pair of Bodenesque trousers for LMB.
I wanted to add some funky red polka dot ruffles at the foot of each leg, but I thought that, at six, I maybe ought to check that she wanted them first because more than anything, I actually want her to wear them.

Apparently red polka dot ruffles on funky flowery trousers are just "far too jolly"!!
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry really, laugh at her choice of words or cry that she was thinking that life was too grey to be jolly.
However, I guess, at six, you have a desire to look cool but not so cool, not so red ruffle cool that it morphs into different so...point taken!

I'll try to get some photos up on here of the things I've made, but I've just realised that I've parceled three of the four up already, so I'll have to beg the recipients to send photos instead!

I've really enjoyed doing the pledge, maybe I ought to do a Blog giveaway?

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