Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day Two


Well, happily we're not being tempted at the moment, it still being the holidays.

However, we did spend:

£14.16 on diesel, topping the cars up before the increase on the fourth! So, technically spending in order to save as we will have to buy fuel this month somewhere, might as well be now whilst it's cheaper.

Sis and family left today, so the house is suddenly incredibly quiet and flat.

We've taken down some of the decs as Mr Beehive is back at work on Tuesday and we've had a big clean up too. I cooked a chilli for lunch with freezer contents and spiked up the brussels to make them appeal for another meal ;-)

So total sum ups for today are:

Fuel - £14.16
Washing machine - two washes on 40
Dryer - none
Groceries/Food -  none - leftovers and freezer stock.

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