Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Alice sighed wearily. `I think you might do something better with the time,' she said, `than waste it in asking riddles that have no answers.'

I am inextricably linked to my diary. I need to get over this. My life is run by my fat black book that follows me - or probably leads me - everywhere. It would be fun to live a life where spontaneity ruled! But, that is not the case in our house or most house with children I don't doubt! Problem is, it is rubbing off - or perhaps it is in built with T. He has to have his days planned out. Right now he is planning Halloween down to the minutest details and it is only August! Our conversation this morning ran something like this:

Me " We might have to look after E and L today as C has to take S to the hosptial"
T "Oh great! so they are coming over to play?"
Me "Maybe, I don't know yet, we are keeping it open"
T " So they are probably coming?"
Me " no, not probably, maybe"
T " so is that before or after we go on the picnic and when are we going peach picking?"
Me " After the picnic, but we aren't going picking today because S has broken his arm"
T " Okay, so we are going to drama, then on a picnic, then E and L are coming over, what time?"
Me "no, only maybe"
T "That is what I said"
Me "Probably means highly likely which means you will be disappointed if they don't come, Maybe means perhaps"
T "That's what I meant.......when are we going peach picking then? Shall we go next week?"
Me - aaaggh I need to consult with my PA!!!!!

It makes my head spin!!!! R keeps asking me if I would like an electronic organiser - ha! That would then mean no escaping ever as it would be small enough to carry. At least with a large filofax, I can't carry it around all the time so on those moments that I am free from it's shackles I am a free spirit!

Only three weeks until school starts again - I can't believe where the summer has gone. I know I will be really glad in a couple more weeks as the boys are beginning to argue more intensely again. I find this. When they are around each other all the time, they get no respite from each other and their arguing increases, when they are at school or when they were doing camp, they were the best of buddies as they hadn't seen each other for a while during the day! I then seem to spend all the time just refereeing and really working on positive reinforcement, when all I want to do, and occasionally do do, is yell at them to be quiet and sort it out!!!

I. has her home visit coming up in a couple of weeks - I think I might see if I can get play dates for the boys as I can see some monopolisation going on!

Today we are going for a picnic in the park. We were going to go peach picking later but my friend's son fell off the monkey bars yesterday and was in the ER last night with either a horrid sprain or a fracture, so we will wait until he is better as they were coming too.

This weekend we are off the the Gathering of the Vibes in NY state. Time to put the tent into action. I am going to take I. in the Ergo for when her legs get tired, but I think I may take the stroller too in case she wants to sleep (or I do!). I need to make sure I have a ton of stuff for them to do, although I think there are activity tents for them as well. I don't know whether or not to bother with our stove as we are only going for two days (one night) and there is food there. I think we can probably get away with the bare minimum, just lots of water - oh and a box of cereal and plenty of raisins and fruit. I hope it is going to be good and that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. I'll let you know!

I am going to let T's hair grow a bit more. He has lovely hair (okay, he has just come in with I's clips in it! but that is NOT the topic here!) It has gone really blond in the sun and he has some curls. I think I will just get his fringe trimmed and see how we do with it. I can hear my mum now, cringing, no, this is NOT a Romeo Beckham - that kid is a surrogate girl. I just think it looks so nice and free and he has plenty of time to have it cut into a formal bowl or skin head!!!!

Right - time to go on that note, I can hear them playing with I's jewellery box!

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