Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fishing and Placentas

This is me
Well, okay, hopefully less of the elephant but I have just managed to find five minutes amidst the giddyness and squealing and basket of ironing.
I think I deserve a cup of tea too, but that would waste my the time they have sniffed me out and tracked me down, my five minutes would be up! It has been a long day too. R is going through year end at the moment (yawn!) so he has been working every night for the past three weeks, so I have hardly had much time to see him. It has also meant he has come to bed really late, woken me up, and is then restless in the night because he has a lot on. Last night he woke up at 2.30, and went downstairs so he wouldn't disturb me.......He is so thoughtful - problem is, he had already woken me up and then proceeded to tell me why he is going !? He then returned at 3.30 and then woke up to go deep sea fishing at 5.30 am !!

yes, you did read that right deep sea fishing is what I said! Anyhow, he has texted me from the boat to say that he has caught his tea! 29.5" of it whatever breed it might be and also around 20 bluefish which they are going to all share between them. Good job my freezer is not full, mind you, I think I will let him gut them. A placenta is about as bloody as I can get and that is without the thought of how I might then "eat" it. That never really tickled my fancy I have to say but I understand it is quite delicious lightly fried with garlic and herbs and is full of nutrition (well, that part is obvious!). There are quite a few things you can do with your placenta though - should the desire take you of course!
Still, I am going out tonight with a friend so there is no need for me to spectate!

Yesterday I went along to the salon to have my eyebrows waxed and took T along for the experience! He wanted to know why ladies choose to have their noses decorated and their eyes polished! I have funny little visions running around in my head of a selection of finishes somewhat like the car-wash. He did then say he was really glad he wasn't a woman!

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I can't access any of the photos. I know I am not very good on computers, but this one defeats me!