Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Birds and Bees

It's funny how children change and develop. I was clearing up today in their playroom and it is adorned with maps that T. did when we were in Belgium. which got me thinking - He is so different to the way he was then, fairly timid, and an obsession for maps and countries. He would spend every waking hour pouring over maps and flag books. I am guessing once you are saturated with knowledge for one thing, you move onto other things, but this year he has not really shown a keeness for any one thing, other than to be as loud and (dare I say it) bossy as possible - I know the "positive" way I should express that is: organisational, but believe you and me, after 10 weeks of it, bossy is the word I feel entitled to use right now!! Perhaps this is the burst of testosterone that people told me about??!! I know it shouldn't, but it does worry me, that perhaps "that window" has gone, like another phase, perhaps I should have structured this summer more, after all 10 weeks is a long time? W. seems to have regressed a little in the past couple of weeks. He has taken to wetting himself - which worries me! I am wondering whether something is bothering him or it might be a medical issue? My current thought is that his summer has been particularly dominated by T. He has willingly played the games that T. has wanted him to play, been the characters he has been told to be. I think it will do him some good to go back to school where he won't be with T. all the time, then hopefully they can resume their brotherly relationship on a less claustrophobic level. My other thought is that over the summer, I. has started to join in and occasionally T. will choose to play with her over playing with W. and whether he is feeling left out? I am seriously contemplating taking him back to half days for a while, letting him perhaps go to a club or two in the afternoons and spend time with I., maybe full days for only 3 days a week?

As to other areas of their "development" - T. is continuing with at least 200+ questions a day - the latest of which resulted in his glee in learning that in 1999, when Shel Silvestein (Runny Babbit author) died, he was "alive" in my tummy. He took great delight in realising this and deciphered that he was "conceived" on or the day after our wedding (his words not mine) - of course, right now, this is "awesome" - I am just waiting for the day, probably not too many years from now, when he realises that this news/observation, call it what you will, was a result of..........er yuk ! "muuuummmm, that's sooooo embarassing!" - I can hear it now!
We have started to give him more leyway at bedtime now too, allowing him to go to bed to read by himself for half an hour before one of us goes in to finish a chapter or something, however, he loves to nosey in on what I am doing - often blogging as my brain is not totally dead by then! but I have to say, I like these moments, he will just chat with me, totally freely and I can tell he feels so grown up, like a preened up rooster!

I don't think I will get time to write much over the next couple of days, I am supposed to be going to the US Open Tennis with C. on Thursday, but, like the music festival, someone I think has other ideas. It is STILL raining! However, i think C. and I will still head into NYC, for a girlie day, hit a few shops, some lunch and ........will let you know!

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