Saturday, August 05, 2006

"Me man, make camp - you woman, bake cookies!"

So today, we have had somewhat of a division of labour!!! I think it began when T refused to come to do the grocery shop with me and I ended up taking I as per usual! Then later we decided that before we head off up to New York to the Gathering of the Vibes in two weeks we'd better put up the tent so we don't look like complete muppets when we get there. As I took the tent outside to start to assemble it, R shouts after me that he thought he was doing it! I ask you! This is quite obviously NOT a job for a mere woman - "me man, make camp!" he grins!! So, being "man" he sits to read through the instructions before assembling the biz. Meantime of course, a bit of logic and years of setting up tents on "neanderthal" camp - I have, of course, pretty much put it up without the instructions! Not meaning to brag of course (tee hee!) but tents these days are really a piece of p*** after ground sheets and wooden poles, lashing, knotting, making tripods for wash stands and the need to dig moats around your canvas construction for fear of flooding! I bet that is bringing back some memories for some of you!
T is currently enrolled in boy scouts for September, he is desperate to camp and fish and climb trees - I don't know where my little boy who played with dolls has gone.....I can hear the "Ug" coming now!!!!!

It is with some hesitation that I am actually making this common knowledge but........I have entered the local agricultural fair this year in several classes with me jam, cookies, carrot cake and photos........I don't think this bodes to well for any remains of street cred that I may or may not have had. I think it is like confessing I have just joined the WI!!!!!!! But, might as well join in with community life and it is a fun day after all. Small town mentality gets everyone in the end!!!!!!! Okay, so off to practice my cookie receipes!

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