Monday, August 14, 2006

Fun in the water

What a lot of fun!! This weekend I was kayaking with a group off the Sound. We did about 4 miles (not far really I know!) but it has certainly got me hooked again. I love to kayak, always have ever since I went down the Dordogne as a student, but there has never really been the opportunity. So it is time the MAKE the opportunities. We live less than 5 miles from the beach or one of several paddle-able rivers, so there is no excuse. I am going to take T next time I go to try him out and see if he would like it. Then maybe occasionally him and I can take the tent in the summer and drive off somewhere for a weekend. There is the Adirondak park near us, also some good places in Maine, not to mention the coastline. I am thinking of getting a single and then we can always hire a double if he wants to come.

On Sunday, I think I must have decided I hadn't had enough sea (well, more like a mill pond at the moment!!) and we drove up to Stony Creek and went out to the Thimble Islands on a boat. These islands (apparantly =- I missed most of what the guide was saying in between trying to cling on to Izzy who wanted to dive in, and trying to take a few snaps!) are just rock structures in the sea and people have built homes on them (holiday mainly). They have no running water, electricy or drainage, but they are great places. Those of you that come over during the spring, summer and early fall, this is really a trip worth doing, oh and you can fill me in on the commentary too!!!

There were a couple that caught our eye - one, where a guy didn't want the hassle of worrying about the hurricanes or the insurance, had built a really cool gazebo and then just a garden. He then lived on a house boat moored to his "garden". The other was around from a $23,000,000 mansion with its own tennis courts and mini golf (how the other half live eh?) and I think this caught T's eye, more than anyone elses (it might of caught R's too, but he is too gentleman-like to say !!)

Fred - remember the circus???

Well at one point a rather scantily clad, but pretty woman made the perfect dive off the cliff at her house into the sea. It was about a 20' dive. All T could talk about afterwards was the "cool lady who dived into the sea" - for him that was definitely the focus point!!
Bless, his future dates have a LOT to live up to!!

The boys are doing a couple of hours each morning this week at a drama camp and then next week they are doing the same, but soccer camp. I feel like I can now have the rights to those awful bumper stickers that say "mom's taxi" as I seem to be spending most of the day driving up and down.

I've been to yoga this evening. i was meant to be at Pilates, but they had re done the studio floor so it was shut! I nearly went home, but then decided not to waste my hour and do another class. Now I am undoing all the good work by enjoying a glass of wine and listening to the cicadas from the window. I love the summer here, it is so musical. R and I often disagree about the windows, cos I love to open them to listen to the wildlife and he likes them closed at night because of the AC! The sound of the cicadas is hypnotic, I love it. In the winter however, when it is whipping up a gale, he likes them open, to hear the storms, whereas I like them shut cos they are too noisy!! Tomato , Tomaaato me thinks!

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