Thursday, August 03, 2006


T has been poorly today! He stayed off camp and has been with me. He had a bit of a "run in" (no pun really intended!) with a few cherries I think. Basically, he was late down for breakfast yesterday morning, so I decided to give him complete trust and independence and let him do his own breakfast as I needed to change I and ensure W had cleaned his teeth properly. As usual, I got side tracked by one or other of the kids or animals in this menagerie and the next thing I hear is a repetitive chudding noise downstairs. Thinking it was the dog, destroying something I come down to find that T's breakfast has consisted of around 20 cherries, which he is cutting up on the table. He assures me he washed them........

So I have to say, I was kind of looking forward to spending a bit of time with just him despite his malady! So what, did we do? Well, after having re-arranged a meeting with Wild Oats to run a talk there on childbirth choices we headed to our local organic cafe - which to those of you who know American an absolute gem to find!! American coffee (sorry guys!) is dire!!!! Even old Starbys can't make coffee like my local coffee house - and it's organic too!!!! The secret - the owner is from Europe and really knows how to make strong espresso the proper way! YUM!! So we headed there for half an hour during which time, T seemed to miraculously recover enough to drink chocolate milk and eat a granola bar!! Then we had a couple of errands to run. On the way to the errands, T decided that he wanted to go to the car wash for the morning's entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask you!! Okay, so my car hasn't been washed for a year (we're saving the environment!!??!!) and desperately needed it, but come on - he's 6 !! However, I soon found out, that my son is NOT as green as he is cabbage looking!! THIS car wash is not your bog standard run of the mill hairy roller jobby - oh no, this is the full monty! Inside there are play places, lots of "temptations" to nag mama to buy and - the best bit!! Red soap suds that you can shoot out of guns onto the car as it goes past. That was fun I have to say!! although, T every so often would mutter "missed him" - not sure if he was genderising the car - or aiming for the poor car wash guy!!!!!!!
However, an half hour was suitably destroyed this way!

I love spending time with my elder son, but he can talk for England (or the US, it's bigger!!!!!!!!!!). I have been asked about death, souls, soap and the environment, what "yes" is in as many languages as I can muster - (not many but here goes - oui, ja, da, si, wai, yes, - which then led to a bizarre giggle about oui - oui meaning noddy... yadda yadda!), and not to mention the conversation about why I wouldn't buy him processed cheese and ham slices in the pharmacy when I offered him water (yeah I know, MEAN MAMA!!!)- and believe me, that can really be a heated discussion!!I truly feel mentally drained this evening, not to mention very inadequate as the "world's walking encyclopaedia on anything and everything".
To be honest - I am not sure which end of his had the diahorrea!!!!!!!!!!

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