Friday, August 25, 2006

Proboscis monkey

What a week of ups and downs - quite literally. W. fell yesterday, he wasn't wearing his glasses and managed to cut his top lip badly. He unfortunately looks something like this poor lamb!! We had only hours earlier returned from the Opthalmologist who had scolded me for not forcing him to wear his eye patch!!! How can you force a 4 year old to do something! She told me she would be giving me drops to blur his vision if I didn't make him wear the patch! The way I see it is this, there is no way doing this patching is necessarily going to make his poorer eye any stronger, whereas there is a strong chance that forcing him to wear it is going to make him not enjoy school, feel resentful towards me, and is probably going to make him less outgoing.....he had already said he didn't want to return to soccer today with his lip in case they called him "beaky"!!! Okay, laugh over! But seriously. I am so divided with this. I don't want to wrap them up in cotton wool and mickey taking is part of life, but equally I don't want them to feel that to get on in life you just have to take the crap. Those that take the crap end up giving the crap I think. Anyway fortunately the heaven's have opened this morning, so the soccer choice was made for me.....I know, passing the buck!! He is currently obliging by wearing the patch attached to the lens of his glasses.

I. had a home visit yesterday from the Montessori teacher. M. brought her son who played with the boys, which was a great idea, it meant that I. had M to herself. T. did me proud though by offering and serving up drinks and brownies (homemade earlier in the day I hasten to add!) without help.

Today we went to R's works do: A cowboy cookout - or rather a CT washout!! The weather is out to get us at the moment!! Still, at least we got some lobster this year, but I am still laughing at the things we do to entertain our kids. Seriously, there was a small train there and the guy driving it went round and round in circles over and over, with kids so excited that they couldn't sit still and parents crunched into this minute contraption with moronic grins on their faces as if they couldn't have thought of anything more fun and adventurous!! Fortunately for me, our kids thought it was a little trite and beneath them (good on you guys!) I. rode the ponies, which she thought was the best thing "horse!" and W and T decided to throw themselves down an upturned bouncy Titanic slide about 45' up!!

For those of you that are disappointed in my lack of jam this year, I am going to gladen your is being made as we speak! This year's efforts to keep the world in toast for another year, are peach and a new recipe - well, I made it up really:

Plum and Basil Jam
Same proportion of stoned plums (that is remove the stones guys, not feed it anything!) to sugar ie; 1lb to 1lb
Quarter of a lemon in whole (you will remove this later)
and around a dozen small basil leaves per lb.

Allow it to gently boil stirring to ensure the sugar doesn't go gritty, then leave it to simmer.
There really is no science to this (well, there probably is, but not in MY kitchen) I just run quality control every so often with a cold saucer, take a little bit out, roll it around the plate, as it cools it will run less, once you have it to great consistency, then stop it simmering.........that's it! Not rocket science!!

Okay, better go, this jam is gonna be a late entry in the CT seriously scary old ladies guns out agricultural fair!!! Let ya know next week how I do ha ha!

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