Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Early morning cuppa with a sour taste !!

Bummer! Horizon are not as green as they give out to be! For those of you in the UK (or elsewhere!) Horizon is a brand name for a company producing organic milk. Unfortunately they make organic chocolate and strawberry too, which the boys love: however: Read this
Fortunately we don't drink much milk now as I. is drinking soy or rice milk (kind of drinking it!) and we can get chocolate treats in the soy milk variety. Problem is, they are another Nestle company, they have a finger in many other pies that are not labelled under the original name! Why is it that companies that set out with all good intentions eventually fall into the trap of global consumerism and big $$$$?? Body Shop is another one, Anita Roddick sold out to L'Oreal - and guess who owns L'Oreal? - Nestle!!!

For those of you who are not up on the Nestle aversion that I have, read this!

Anyway, off my hobby horse!

Two exciting things have happened this week for me; the first is that I have finally become certified with DONA, so i can now put CD(DONA) after my name (what IS that all about???). Secondly, I am going to be published LOL! - Okay, so not anything majorly grand, in fact I remember the first class I taught getting more published than me with a book of poetry that we wrote! Still, it's a start. I am going to be in issue #20 of The Mother Magazine. It is a observational comparison between technocratic and holistic models of care in the maternity ward. If any of you read it, (it is a small eco-friendly/natural parenting Green Mag) you will have to let me know what you think, I will try to post a link to it, once it comes out, the issue is Winter this year. I am no scholar, and probably no writer either, but it is fun..... I think I might add "Writer" to my list of aspirations now!!

I have decided that once a month, I will put my list of books up on my blog as I read them, partly to instigate discussion (if anyone else has read them!) and partly because I know that I rarely get the time to browse in a book shop, so tend to find my choice of literature from other's recommendations, so here are some of mine.

This is my list of current reading material - I finshed Khaled Housseini and really enjoyed it. It was a different approach to a current trend. By that, I mean that there are now more than ever, books on Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran but this was written from a different angle. It gave a great insight - well for me anyway, into life in Afghanistan.

I am currently about to try "Do they hear you when you cry" by Fauziya Kassindja. I am interested to see if it reminds me in anyway of the book Desert Flower by Wasis Diri that I read some years ago - in fact, there is a girl in Ireland who probably still has my copy of that book!!!
The other two I bought today for my list are: "Living to Tell the Tale" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Life in the time of Cholera!) but am intruiged to find out whether it is actually a biography or not. I picked it up in the sale box and it is an edition with nothing on the back or inside covers to help me out!! I am sure the Amazon link will help me out when I have time to read it properly!!
The other one is "A year by the sea" by Joan Anderson which I picked up in the Women's studies section.

This afternoon we have been swimming in a friend's pool. T. managed to do a width on his own without armbands! Finally!! He is a great one for procrastination and finding reasons why he can't do something, but equally he hates to be the oldest in a group and unable to do something. My friend's daughter can swim unaided, so this seemed to the the instigation he needed - Way to Go T!!!! Now to get those bloody stabilizers of his bike.......

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Freda said...

Congratulations on your certification. Great to see all your hard work paying off.