Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome to Walnut Grove!


It is done!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, after two years, several hours of cussing, lots of pulling out and starting again.........a real labour of is finished.
Fortunately he didn't outgrow it before I finished it, which was my main concern, and despite the fact it looks somewhat primitive and beginnger-like and my obliging little guy put it on this morning and said,
"You have a jumper like this *(pause)* Is this for GEEERRRRRLS?" in his american drawl, he has happily continued wearing it.

Thank god for that! I had set myself up for him losing interest in it before it was done and refusing to like it or........worse still..........wear it! I was going to be all calm and nonchalant about it, after all, he is only 4. But lucky for me, he is pretty easy going! Thanks kiddo!

The next project is for T. He is less obliging and more direct about what he likes and doesn't like.I have chosen a relatively simple pattern which was being sported by a pretty cool guy in the book holding a skateboard and the jumper has a name "Woody". So far he is happy about this, albeit it doesn't actually COME with the skateboard, which was a bit of a let down. I have enough wool to do the age 6 - 7 I really DO have to work fast this time!
Why am I doing this? I have no idea. TBH, it is cheaper to buy a ready made jumper than the yarn to make one.......but there is this sense of pride and achievement in thinking that you have made what is on their backs.
Speaking of making stuff and domestic bliss, yesterday we made bread. No, not with a bread maker......the real Macoy, I don't have a bread maker. I remember the Saturdays when my mum used to make a loaf or two and leave them to rise in our airing cupboard. I personally can't see the point in a bread maker, you lose the team spirit that is involved in making bread. Throwing in the ingredients and leaving the thing to stir, knead and cook without me around is more effort than buying an organic loaf and certainly a helluva lot less fun!! Both I. and W. helped me and I have to say, it turned out the best loaf I have made in a long time, probably due to W.'s Tae Kwon Do moves he did on the dough!

Bread and Beer, two of the finest uses for yeast ever discovered! Even starchy Caroline Ingalls must agree with that!! Oh and by the way, for those die-hards out so happens that Laura Ingalls was closer to a hobbit than she was a twee young lass in the nice wooden house with it's sloping roof........they didn't live there! Apparently they lived in a sod (a cave pretty much) somewhat like Bilbo Baggins!!!!!!
So, I have taken off my pinny, removed my bonnet, put the buggy away in the barn, sat down to fresh bread and dripping with the prairie train bells in the distance......... for now........
and if you made it this far with the that made you feel all warm and cuddly!!!

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pansy said...

Well,I don't know - take all the credit yourself, why don't you?! The long train ride up to Boston is the right sleeve of the afore-mentioned garment. Must say I fell about laughing at W's comments to all this. Looking forward to hearing the success of T's garment - I may be out in April, but you do this one on your own!