Friday, February 09, 2007

So it goes like this.........

This morning I am trying to write a magazine article on Montessori education and attachment parenting it goes something like this:

9.00 type

9.10 doorbell goes - landlady arrives to measure for a new washing machine

9.45 type


T. "Is it snack time yet?
M "15 minutes okay, I just have to get the first paragraph done.
T "Ok!"



T "Do you have some paper?"
M "Yes, what colour do you want and can you then just get on for 15 minutes as I need to think about this?"




Dog starts barking outside, I continue trying but lose my train of thought. Go down to let in the dog.
Run back up to office.




T comes in again

"You said 15 minutes."
"Okay, I am coming"

Go down for snack and coffee after having written a total of about 30 words in 3/4 of an hour!


Return to type

T comes in again

"Where are my shorts?"
"I want to practise my Tae Kwon Do and can't find my shorts" he is standing there in his boxers
*sigh* heavily
"Can't you wear your underpants?"
He runs off




T back in within 1 minute

Me "WHAT????????"
T "Do you have my scout book?"
"Which scout book, T I am trying to write and it is really hard when you keep interupting me because I forget what I am typing." (believe me, that isn't hard either!)
T "The white one and then I won't disturb you again."
"Ok" handing him the file



30 seconds

T "These are all the jelly beans I want to get...." he starts rattling off from a list, every bloody jellybean on the bloody planet!!!!!!!

me "Aaaagggghhhhh - please, please, please go and do something I will be finished soon if you let me start. You can eat candy, smoke some drugs, set fire to something, use my credit card, buy a motorbike if you just frickin' GOOOOOOOOO and let me get on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
(ooops this is the bit in the article where I am writing about being emotionally responsive !) okay so I didn't actually SAY the last sentence, just thought it!!!

T comes back in after 10 seconds.

"I think I am ready to go back to school now."

"OMG! Yes, you probably are, but you can't this week as you need to be totally right. Have you not got anything you can do right now? How about a book?"

He wanders off..........

I slam my head on the wall and close my work down for the day........time for another coffee I think!

Time elapsed 1 hour 20 mins,
Total words written: about 100

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