Friday, February 02, 2007

Six weird things

Six weird things about me - bah! someone sent me one of these round robins the other day to fill in.........problem is, I know everyone who knows me probably knows more than six about me!

1. I have to leave a token on my plate however small, I cannot completely finish a plate of food!

2. I cannot eat anything past the sell by date, not a day, not a dot and I can't freeze rice ! - told you it was weird!

3. I sniff my kids trousers to check if they can wear them for two days on the trot - okay, cringing yet?

4. I have to let my tea go nearly cold before I drink it and the tea bag must still be in it - this is herbal tea mind you, but even so!

5. I always skim a book before I then sit back a read it properly (and I am a BIG end cheat!)

6. I have to drink water either directly from the bottle or in a glass with a straw - I can't drink it directly from the reminds me too much of school dinners!

There you go

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