Friday, February 16, 2007

Kissing the cow!

This morning we have been out sledding, which was great fun! The snow has frozen over the top, so we have our own ice rink out there! But alongside getting cold and wet goes the added bonus, that mama like to warm us up with hot cocoa......specially frothed with her new toy,! (I got sent a free mini frother thing from Boden - It's fab, coffee shop be warned!!)

Of course, the kids being off school (again!!!!!!!!!) we are trying to find new things to do however,that means yet more bread has been made courtesy of moi and I. Soon after kneading the bread and letting it rise I decided to make the tomato sauce for the pasta at lunch time. This therefore meant that I was unable to do carry I. around for a while, which she wanted (I suppose I could have gotten the Ergo from the car but I wasn't thinking!)

She took umbridge at this and made me feel horrid by crying and saying "uppy uppy", but I couldn't lift her up as I was using a very sharp knife and dealing with hot stuff on the stove top.

We have all been there, the demands of smalls at the most inappropriate time and normally I. is pretty amenable and can be distracted by a large marker and the wall should it be required (!!). This morning was not one of those days, she would not be comforted.

So, crying child attached to my leg, playdate due to arrive (his mom is one of the teachers at school - that would look good, me shaking a 2 year old off my leg whilst I try to juggle a cleaver and hot tomatoes; "sure I can be trusted to look after your son and not kill him for an hour!!), dog joining in on the fun and the consistent pounding of the cooped up monkeys running around like banshees get the picture.

I: "Mommy moo-kiss"

Me: What do you mean? Where is the cow? A Moo Kiss?

I: (sob, sniff, gulp) Moo-kiss me

Me: I'm sorry sweetheart, I don't understand (thinking, is she calling me a cow, is it a new form of snogging????)

I turn around to be greeted by a small red, wet creature dutifully showing me a string of trailing snot from her nose to her finger.............

Oh!!! MU-cus!!

Right, let's get a tissue!

Snottily yours
The Beehive

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