Monday, February 26, 2007

Ad hoc home education

So, today has been another snow day. I have decided to blog our day in pictures instead of words! Words are something that I need the time to think about, pictures on the otherhand, speak for themselves.

Illustrating stories!

Maths and counting!

Home economics !!

Physical Ed - extreme sport style, this is called "snowyfirtree climbing"!

Construction work and computer editing!!!

Art - snow angels!

Currently it is 11 am and I have run out of inspiration! They are currently watching Muzzy in Spanish (ooh tick the languages box!) I think I might teach them shapes later this afternoon, by using my laundry - "this is how to fold a square/triangle" !! and then maybe a quick science lesson in how heat is made when I light the fire LOL! I expect there will be music at some point and then probably a big lesson on the importance of sleep at an early hour!!

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