Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Planes, Frains and a whole load of green stuff!!

Some of my biggest chuckles come from conversations we have in the car: Here is another one!

So, the background to this is that whilst T was at his piano lesson this evening, W, I. and I went to the organic shop to get our vitamin supplies and some raw cane sugar. The kids had had a drink and a snack beforehand, but the shop sells rather nice smoothies, unfortunately the guy had stopped making them for the day, so I chose a drink from the fridge, tropical fruit flavoured, full of energy, greens, vitamins - a real power boost.

On opening this drink, much to my disappointment it was, to coin an phrase my kids love,"yukky"!!!

W: Let me try!

Me: You won't like it.

W: Please?

Me: Okay then.........(handing him the drink)

W takes the drink and determined to prove me wrong, takes a huge swig - fatal mistake. This stuff is like a cross between Borox and stale straw!!!!!! Fortunately he was in such shock from his error that he swallowed the stuff rather than reflexing it back over the car, which is a relief as I don't think we have any paintstripper in the house!!!!!

I: Me try, me try

Me: Okay then, W. hand it to I please.

I pulls the most ridiculous face, but then comes back for more. Yes this one is a little crazy, she turned down a green jelly the other day (thank goodness) in favour of fruit.

When we pick T up he decides he wants in on this game too, so he also attempts to drink it.....to the same effect!!

T: So what's in it?

Me: Here's the label, tell us!!

T: green alfalfa shoots, broccoli spears, kale, spinach, irish moss.........IRISH MOSS??? wheat grass, barley grass juice, beetroot greens......... (etc etc - you get the idea)

W: What's Irish Moss?

T: you know, that stuff that grows outside on the ground

Me: Yup, like cabbage and spinach and grass.........(being facetious obviously!)

T: No, don't be silly, it grows by the water so it is disgusting.

Me: Well Cranberries grow IN water, they grow in bogs, we will see some when we go up to the Cape this summer.

W: How old will I be then mama? Will I be 7?

Me: No, you'll be four

W: Six then?

Me: No, four!

W: Ohhhhhhhhh (said with real disappointment!) I can't eat any then and I really wanted to try some.

Me: Why can't you eat them?

W: I am on a diet.

Me: You are? What diet is that then W?

W: I am not allowed to eat fruit or vegetables until I am seven!

Nuff said methinks!


In the bath:

We have recently bought some new bath toys. These include a foam road set that sticks to the tiles. In this set are a load of vehicles. I. is now pretty coherent most of the time, she has long sentences, I am pretty lucky (so far, knock on wood !!) that her tantrums are fairly minimal as I think the fact she is able to express herself may have a lot to do with it.

We have in the aforementioned set a:

and a

We are working so hard with her on this slight mispronunciation. There are many words that have come out of the mouths of our three that we have let go because, let's be honest, it's cute!!!!!


"Can me have the big f**k ?" is not!!!!!

Yours phonetically

The Beehive


Freda said...

Emily spent six months telling everyone to P*** off! What she meant to say was push off, which she had learnt from swimming. Very cute but only in the company of people who know her!!!

Roo said...

Truly LOL'ing.