Saturday, February 10, 2007

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou........whaddidyousayhisnamewasagain?

My middle son is a charmer - or so it appears!.

Frequently when I go to pick him up from school I hear little cries of "Hi W." from small adoring fans. He, on the other hand, offers a suitably caveman grunt, to which they giggle, flutter their eyes and try to get him to talk to them!! I have been stopped by mothers on occasions telling me how their daughter talks a lot about W. and how much she likes him etc...

I have even been approached by a mom at the school asking if she could use him as a model for some photography as she is a children's photographer........apparently he caught her eye at the Primary mom's morning at school a couple of weeks ago, where he swanned into the class with me in tow wearing his purple shirt, tie, red jeans (yes, I know, he likes to chose his own clothes!!) and mop of "just got out of bed" hair, which on that morning was looking particularly wild and rampant (OMG?!)

Now for those of you that don't know him, this appears to be a blog entry by a bragging mother, but for those of you that DO know him, will know that this is just so W. He always looks like he has been dragged through a hedge backwards, clothes on back to front and mismatching, hair all over the shop, but he has huge mischevious eyes and tricks and temperament to match and he really would let this admiration roll over him. A true "free spirit".

Anyhow, this morning, after he went off to school once again, this time for Primary Dad's morning, his fan club started up ( I am contemplating putting in a request for a salary as his Personal secretary!)

Firstly he is called on the phone from LONDON by his best friend (these two are joined at the hip I kid you not!) who had been in Norway for the last couple of days and wanted to say hi!! Then, when the mail arrives, there is a package for my four year old Lothario much to the disgust of his older brother! Inside it contains a painted stone in the shape of a heart and a candle from Ayleen with her (obviously, burning, ha ha) love!

So as is in the Beehive, we playfully tease him about his girlfriend, asking him about her as she is in his class at school. He joins in the laughing, taking it all in the spirit it is intended, this continues for a few minutes, us ribbing, him egging us on, when suddenly he stops laughing and becomes deadly serious......................

"Who on earth IS she?" he asks.

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pansy said...

So is he going to be a world famous model at the age of 4, or did you turn this down?