Friday, February 02, 2007


Let me be swift elder son has been nagging me for a short time now to cut his hair as it gets into his ears when he swims, he now has the backing of his teacher who made the flippant comment the other day that he needed a hair cut!

My sons have gorgeous, floppy and wild white blond hair (or mops!) and it looks divine at the length it is, his friends and my friends all like it AND, this is the important bit, HE HATES GOING TO THE HAIRDRESSERS! He hates it like you wouldn't believe.

So......I said I would cut it for him on Wednesday afterschool. We sat down, he had had his snack and was all set.......I sprayed his hair with water

"are you done yet?" he asked

"no, that was just the water and now I am going comb it so I can see where to cut."

"are you done now?" -

"no, I haven't started"


"That's it, you did it, are you done? Yes you are, I can get down now?" as you can see, I tried.

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